I will help, support and empower you to make whatever changes you wish to make in your life.  We will discuss and clarify your situation, challenges, wishes or goals and I help you to overcome your challenge, give you clarity, or achieve your goals.   This involves discussion where I guide you through the issue and provide you with personal, intuitive or spiritual guidance and information that will empower you to learn and apply the insights, information and skills to overcome and feel better about your situation.  I also receive guidance from Spirit to help you to get results and make positive changes you want in your life!

This can involve any type of situation or topic or goal you wish to resolve or achieve such as:

  • Gaining insight and clarity to make an important decision
  • Learn how to feel more peace and joy, despite external circumstances
  • Overcome challenges such as limiting beliefs, fears and doubt
  • Learn how to attract and create what you want instead of what you do not want
  • Develop and improve your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Discover and fulfill your life purpose
  • Learn how to channel or communicate with your guardian angels or spirit guides.
  • Achieve your goals and dreams
  • Improving your SPIRITUAL CONNECTION, FINANCES, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS ETC.                                                                                                                                                                                      





(Done by phone)




OR  CALL ME AT 905-746-2168

I look forward to connecting with and helping you!




Dortmund Mattioli is a humanitarian, a spiritual healer, a teacher, and so much more. My goal in contacting Dortmund was to further develop my own psychic abilities. I discovered, through his guidance and wisdom, exactly how to do this, in interesting and unexpected ways.   By supporting and coaching me to make necessary changes, within a safe and a trusting environment, I was able to easily apply my new found skills to all areas of my life. I exceeded my own expectations in brilliant ways.

Dortmund taught me how to manifest my magnificence, to balance the feminine and masculine within me, to raise my vibration and to just feel the joy and the greatness that is available to all of us.

I was guided to seek Dortmund for spiritual guidance and the results were remarkable. Looking back at the process, I am astonished as to how far I have come in a such a short period of time. I have a clear vision of what I want and I am blissfully happy, centered, and grounded. Thank you Dortmund for all of the work that you do, to create peace and love, joy and magic, in our world.

– Helen Ribeiro



Private Channeling Sessions

Channeling is where high level spiritual beings, such as Archangels or Ascended Masters, speak DIRECTLY to you – through me, to provide you with spiritual guidance, messages and insights to help you on your personal and spiritual journey. You are able to interact with them and ask them questions,if you wish.

The traditional type of channelling is called deep trance channeling, where the person goes into a deep trance and is not consciously present, while the spiritual being talks through them. I do a newer type of channelling, called conscious channelling. This is where I remain fully conscious and present during the channelling and I simply allow the spiritual being to talk to you through me. This is very helpful as I remember everything that happens so, when we discuss the experience afterwards, I can answer any questions you may have.

I connect with and channel a variety of different spiritual and angelic beings including Archangel Michael, A group of angels called The Angel Light, The Atlanteans, The Ori and even Ascended Masters like Jesus and Kuthumi. I only connect with high level beings of light and love and I believe that I can channel any spiritual being. I can even connect with your own spirit guide or guardian angel, and help you learn how to connect with them.

I do not specifically channel deceased friends or relatives but can connect with them to get messages for you.  This is called mediumship.

If you are unable to attend a session in person, it is possible to have a session over the phone or via Skype. You can simply contact me to arrange this.

$100 / session
(Approximately 1 hour)



My channeling session with Dortmund helped build my confidence in my path as it gave me confirmation of some things that I was already feeling and perceiving myself.  It gave me the direction that I needed to move forward in a stronger way and with more conviction.  Overall it was an awesome experience because Dortmund was able to connect with higher beings than just psychics or mediums and it gave me answers to the questions that I had.

                                                             –   Margaret Mastromatteo


I thought the channeling was brilliant and so helpful.   Thanks for your gift.  It is very generous and I appreciate it.  Our chat was really nice as well and one I usually cannot have with most people.  

                                         – Cristian Solari 



In Person Sessions



I am a Usui Reiki Master and so do Reiki energy healing.  I also channel, so I do Spiritual Healing as well.  This means that I connect and work with a variety of high level, positive and loving spiritual beings such as angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters to assist with and facilitate your healing. Some of the spiritual beings include Archangel Raphael (The Healing Angel), The Angel Light, St. Germain and Jesus.  Your Spiritual Healing or Reiki session may also possibly also include channeled messages from these high level spirit guides and angelic beings to give you guidance to help you with your challenge or issue.  These sessions can heal you on all levels which means spiritually, emotionally, mentally and energetically, as well as physically.  Most, if not all physical health issues, are caused by issues in the other areas.   Minimally everyone always feel very relaxed, positive and peaceful during and after sessions.

These sessions are done in a beautiful Dundas, Ontario, Canada location and I am able to go to your home or location of your choice. There may be an extra fee for this, depending on the distance to your location. Sessions will generally include 5 – 15 minutes of discussion about your experience afterwards and any spiritual or intuitive messages I may receive for you.


$40.00 / 30 minutes

$80.00 / 60 minutes

$100.00 / 90 minutes



Me and my healing space.

Me and my healing space.


During our chat at the beginning, I told Dortmund that I felt a void in my life.  During my spiritual healing, Dortmund placed a crystal in each of my hands. The crystals emitted energy that I could feel in my hands. My hands were tingly, it was coming from the crystals.  I was visited by a strong presence of my Native Indian Grandmother, named Pearl, and it was in an ancient Indian village, about 5,000 years ago.   She told me to follow the light, your on the right path. Go back to nature and be among the trees. At this time, I felt strange and my eyes were very heavy. Grandmother assured me that I will know what to do when I get there and on your journey take the woman with you, meaning my wife Boni.  She said just ask, I’ll be there for you.  I said, thank you, thank you Grandmother. 

Dortmund saw Ganoc, a large rock/stone like spiritual being.  Ganoc and I were brothers of the rock clan with a strong connection to the earth.  It’s good.  It’s all good.  I felt very calm and very relaxed, like I was floating on water.  I asked what do I need to do to improve my health.   Grandmother and my mind were connected telepathically. She said to eat herbs, natural foods, fruit, vegetables, live food.  Then I said, “I can do that”.

Then I was told to go to the mountain and go over the mountain and don’t be afraid. Grandmother said don’t be afraid. I am to connect with it and be surrounded by grass, trees and tons of fairies which will be very nurturing to me.  I will get more energy and nurturing from the earth and nature, recharging for me.

My understanding of this experience was so grand and fulfilling, to know that this was possible. This makes everything possible in life. We can make things possible. If you can think it, it can be possible.   Since this channeling, life is more clear to me now and I am more at peace.  I found that what was missing I my life, the void, was me. I am now more clear, trust myself now and that’s ok.

– Steve Irwin.


My healing session with Dortmund was a really interesting experience.  All of the blockage that I had was centered in one part of my body and through the whole experience, I could feel this incredible energy moving around and shifting and changing.  It was quite the experience to feel Dortmund being able to facilitate this for me.  It was awesome and very cool.  I am excited to see how this will continue to help me! 

– Nancy Richmond


I felt very powerful energy around my head and on my right side.  I felt and became aware of what I was having problems with.  The stones that Dortmund used were very powerful and had lots of energy.  I loved the affirmations that I was asked to say too.  The session felt very good and I know it will help.

– Birgit Walsh


Dortmund, thanks very much for the fantastic Reiki session!  It was so much more than I expected and you provided so much information about what is really going on with my body. You made me feel very relaxed and it was quite fun as well! 
– Cristian ‎Solari





Distance Reiki Sessions

healing hands

These sessions are performed while you are at your home and I am in a different location. The amount of distance is irrelevant, so it does not matter where you are located. I am near Toronto, Ontario, Canada and you could be in the USA, South America, Europe, Australia or anywhere in the world, as is about energy and intention.  Please contact me to arrange a session.

$40.00 / session
(about 30 minutes)




Reiki for Animals

I love and am comfortable with all types of animals including dogs, cats and horses. If you have a different type of animal, that’s great too! It is best if I go to your location or the location of the animal, as they will be more comfortable in their own environments.

This can also be done over distance using distance healing.

$40.00 / session



Do you have a photograph that has some unusual or unexplained image, orb, mist or phenomenon in it?  Would you like to know what or who it is and why it is in your photo?  If you can send or show me the photo I can do a spiritual reading on the photo and give you information and answers about it.  There may even be a message for you from spirit or even the spiritual being in the photo that I can tell you.

Orbs are generally balls of light that are transparent and can come in a variety of shapes and colors.  They are actually spiritual beings that are showing up in the photo and I am able to connect and communicate with them to get insight and information about the picture.

$10 / Photo Reading
Here are some example or orb or spiritual photos.  Click on each image to see it larger.  Enjoy.


Large orbRed orbs with crosses in formation

Orange Orb with cross in it Orbs at sunset

White Orbvarious orbs and light beings

Dundurn castle - Orange Orb Grand Canyon Multi-colored Orb

Grand Canyon sunset 3 Telapque Arizona - Unusual light/orb

Many Orbs at Venice Beach Many Orbs